Drinking through Disney World

My favorite reason to go to Disney World is the food and drinks, so this will be mostly food and drink related, and some hotel stuff. We stayed at Polynesian.  The room was ok, but my sheets on arrival were DIRTY.  Like nasty dirty. Brown crap all over them.  It was gross, and I had to […]

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Review of Sandals Lasource

Now that I’m back home (I’m not too happy about that if you haven’t noticed) people have been asking me about our opinions on Grenada, so I thought I’d make some posts of our pros and cons, along with some comparisons to other Sandals we’ve been to.  The only Sandals we haven’t been to yet […]

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Days 7 and 8

If you didn’t already know, going back to reality after vacation is rough.  Ugh, I have so much to do, and no time to do it.  I really wish the biggest decision I had to make was what drink to order…🍹🍹 So, until I had time to write another post I’ve been keeping a log […]

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Day 6

Day 6 over already,  so it’s our last full day,  sniffle sniffle. It will be a shorter post today.  We’re swimming in the living room pool one more time.  We try to do it before the sun is too hot since there isn’t shade.   I’ll post more when I get home.  I’ll do a […]

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Day 5

I’m writing this from our bed.  The window is open,  so I can hear the waves and smell the ocean.  Life is good.  😎 Breakfast is on its way,  and we’ll be having mimosas.  I just didn’t get up and open the champagne bottle yet,  lol! When we got back from dinner last night,  Club […]

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Day 4

So,  we did everything we planned yesterday.  We got out of the pool earlier,  got ready for dinner and went out,  and we had more fun the day before!! 😄😄 Of course we did!! 😂😂 I know,  there’s no pleasing me! I’m not complaining,  really.  Just funny.  😄😄 So,  we were up fairly early,  so […]

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Day 3

So yes,  I am up way too early,  again!!! I guess that’s just what we do here.  I told my husband we’re going out tonight no matter what!! 😄 So,  we were up early yesterday,  and ordered breakfast room service.  It was good.  The table on our balcony is too small though,  so there’s no […]

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